Sant Sebastian Fiestas in Palma 2011 coming up  very soon!


Festes de Sant Sebastià 2011

The festivities held in honour of the patron Saint of Palma; Sant Sebastià are always something to look forward to during the month of January. This year is no exception and the fiestas are set to start on the 15th and go on until the 23rd.

A myriad of events have been organized by the town hall, including all manner of cultural events, exhibitions, competitions, activities for children, sporting events and parties across the city.

Don´t miss:
The Blessing of the Animals on the 17th of January, Sant Antoni, along Calle Sant Miquel
‘La Revetla’ live music and bonfires at many squares across the city on the 19th of January
The firework display and ‘dimonis’ show in front of the cathedral on the 22nd of January

Don’t forget:
To take something to put on the grill and enjoy a traditional Sant Sebastià barbecue, the town hall provides the fire, so just take what you would like to have on the grill.

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